Thursday, June 13, 2013

(This is a blog my daughter Staci wrote the same day I posted my last blog.  You should read both, I think God might be saying something! Oh, we wrote these blogs without  the other having knowledge we were doing so.)

There are going to be moments in your life when God asks you to do something that you don’t understand. He may cause you to step out in unfamiliar territory with no sight of what exactly is ahead of you. All you can see is the step you need to take right now. It makes no sense, and in that moment you may not even have an explanation. He may ask you to do something that you do not want to do. He may ask you to do something that you have been waiting to do for a really long time. He may ask you to give something up that you don’t want to give up. He may ask you to go a certain way you never intended on going.


The point I’m trying to make is this... Real faith and trust in God doesn’t require a detailed laid out plan of the journey. Real faith is ready and willing to be obedient to God even when you don’t understand or know exactly where He is taking you.


To quote the wildly popular (and for good reason) song... Oceans by Hillsong United

“You call me out upon the water, the great unknown, where feet may fail.”


God calls us out onto the water. To walk somewhere that if attempted without His miracle working power, would swallow us whole.


It’s there, in that place of complete surrender and reliance on God when we see Him in ways we’ve never seen Him before. Suddenly, when we make that leap, our eyes are opened and we finally see and understand how God is ....EVERYTHING. He is what we desired all that time we were searching for meaning, worth and significance. It was Him!


From the boat, this kind of life looks terribly frightening. It’s not always easy to take the initial step. You are walking out into a stripping vulnerability and control will be a distant memory.




I can tell you... There is nothing like it. I’m not sure there’s a greater place to be than vulnerable before God. Crowns, accomplishments and talent don’t matter. All that matters in that moment is your submitted, surrendered heart. That is when you are most moldable. In this moment everything and I do mean everything pales in comparison to this Almighty King of Kings that created the entire FREAKING universe who wants to have a relationship with you. He wants you. God, the one true God wants.. loves.... and is passionate about you.


Once you’ve tasted of the life of walking on water you’ll never want to go back. You’ll find no heavy burdens there. There is no stress or anxiety because a submitted, faith filled life doesn’t worry about working out details and figuring everything out. A submitted, faith filled life just waits for the Fathers direction for their next step and takes it. The rest is on Him and that’s how He likes it.


Staci Woolf


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The audacity of God!  What do You mean "take another step of faith."  God do you know what happened after I took the last big step of faith?  We "walked on water" for a short time but then started sinking quick and now I feel like we're just treading water barely keeping our head above the water. 

This might be the conversation going on in your head if you've ever experienced failure after starting out on an adventure you believe God asked you to take.  But you have to make a decision, am I going to tread water the rest of my life or am I going to walk on water?  I've heard it said before the only true failures in life are those who stay down after falling. 

Many of you know the Bible story I'm referencing here concerning Peter who stepped out of the boat walking toward Jesus on the water but started to sink after taking his eyes off Jesus and focusing on the stormy seas.  Two great things about this story is that Peter did walk on water and when he began sinking he called on Jesus and Jesus lifted him out of the water and they returned to the boat.  Now how did Peter get back to the boat?  I'm guessing he walked on water again.

I know what it is to "sink" after stepping out of the boat and I know what it feels like to be in a place of barely keeping your head above water.  And if you're in this place today I have to ask you, are you ready to "walk on water again?"  First of all let's cry out to Jesus as Peter did.  "LORD SAVE ME!"   

Oh I guess I should have let you know this first.  If you're really serious about "walking on water" again instead of just treading water God will ask you to take another STEP OF FAITH.  Yes God has the audacity to ask you to take another step of faith.  After all, steps of faith can only be taken on top of the water, not while treading water. 

It's time to hear God, obey God and move forward with your life!  I recently listened to a message preached by Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church in Dallas, TX.  In his message he asked a question that has been replaying in my heart.  "Where's the next step of obedience for you?  Because that step of obedience could release a miracle in your life." 

Yes you'll probably have to overcome the thoughts of the past.  Yes you'll probably have to overcome fear.  But friends please don't allow the failures of your past to speak into your future!  It's time to be strong and courageous and overcome those fearful thoughts with faith in God.  In your failures it's important to know that GOD HAS NEVER FAILED YOU and He never will. 

So arise, hear God's voice, obey God and "walk on water!"  Yes it's time to DREAM.......AGAIN! Let me take it a step further and say it's time to WALK ON WATER.......AGAIN! 

Hebrews 11:6 (NLT)- "And it is impossible to please God without faith.  Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely him." 

Encouraging the World,

Ken Woolf