Wednesday, August 20, 2014

 Below is a  short but powerful blog by my daughter Staci Woolf who just today (Wednesday August 20) arrived in New Zealand to begin a new chapter of her life.  I know she's my daughter but this is one  of the best and most challenging blogs I've ever read.  It will ruin you from the ordinary! 

"Risky things sure are risky. For example: quitting your job and selling your stuff and buying a plane ticket to a country you've never been before is RISKY and I took the risk. I cannot count the amount of people who have said "you're so fearless!" BAH. Fearless? No. I will say..... that about a year ago I decided to stop letting fear paralyze me and keep me from living life. Joyce Meyer says it this way.. " Feel the fear and do it anyway." Well I am "doing it anyway". I know God had orchestrated this whole ordeal. Even from the moment I realized He wanted me to do this (which will be 1 year ago the first weekend of September) I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this had GOD written all over it. Were there tons of signs pointing towards it? No. But there was something inside of me that erupted at the thought. You can wait your whole life looking for "signs". Please do not misunderstand me.  l absolutely love it when God gives us signs that point to the direction we should go but I think there will be moments in your life when you are just going to have to trust that God won't lead you where He doesn't go. Trust His voice! I knew God wanted this and I wanted this. There are a lot of things I want to write about. All the way back to a year ago when I had no clue what next step was in my life to this moment right now... me sitting here in the airport waiting on my flight to New Zealand. For now I just want to write about one thing. The things you want....The things your heart desires so much you sometimes wonder if you are going to explode..... those things are more than likely on the other side of risk. They are on the other side of fear. Feeling fear isn't wrong. Bowing to it is. Whatever it is that you are wanting. Whatever it is that you long for.... Keep praying. Keep believing for it and don't be surprised when the time comes for you to walk into that promise and it requires a risk and may look a little scary. God things tend to be bigger than we are and if you want to walk in those things fear cannot be in control. To hell with fear. It's dumb. God is a good Father. Lean into Him. Trust him and don't be afraid to dream big!"  

Staci Woolf